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Qualitylife fitness!

Virtual health and wellness for individuals, small groups, and companies

“High quality fitness and nutrition coaching is your key to unlocking the highest quality life!”

— Colin Laughlin, founder

The qlf Story

The idea for QualityLife Fitness was born in 2017 as Colin was working as a personal trainer in a private studio. Colin had found that many of his clients were living with one or more chronic health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and so much more. Seeing first hand the positive impact exercise can have as treatment and prevention of these diseases, Colin dove head first into learning everything he could do to help. 

Throughout his research of chronic health conditions Colin found that the fitness industry had simply overlooked this segment of the population. Not everyone is training to become the next American Ninja Warrior or to be at the peak of their sport. In fact, for many, it is about living a higher quality life and exercise is the vehicle to get you there. 

The mission of QualityLife Fitness is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance to bring you closer to living the quality life you deserve.

We believe that fitness falls within one of two places on the health care spectrum. Fitness can be the front line of defense in preventing chronic health conditions. Or fitness can be at the end of the spectrum and be used as a treatment for managing these health conditions. 

Regardless of where you are in this spectrum of health QualityLife Fitness is here to join you on your journey and provide support in any and every way possible.

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What people are saying

“I have been very happy with Colin’s online workouts. I had been floundering on my own, and this is what I needed to stay fit and stick with my resistance training. Colin is very knowledgeable and accessible and the app is great. Best of all, he really cares. Highly recommend!” – Meg M

“I love working out with Colin Laughlin and have been able to lose weight, gain strength and lose several clothes sizes.He is very professional, caring and dedicated to my success.His workouts are varied and tailored to me personally and are always challenging but fun.He is very knowledgeable about how each exercise affects the muscle groups. Colin has been the best personal trainer I have ever worked with!” -Wendy M

“The gym is a place I used to dread. I was intimidated by all of the equipment that I didn’t know how to use and wandered aimlessly from one machine to the next not knowing what I was doing. All of that changed when I found Quality Life Fitness! They have provided me with personalized workouts that are easy to follow, challenging, and focused on meeting my goals.
Also, there are helpful videos attached to demonstrate the proper way to do each exercise. Now I love going to the gym! Each week I look forward to receiving and completing the next fitness program from them. I enjoy the individualized plans that are never the same and know that I’ve had a great, productive and well rounded workout when I leave the gym.”- Colleen O