Since the inception of the national cannabis scheme in 2016, the population of people who take cannabis has increased. No one can give it a number today because there is an increase in how people consume cannabis in Australia. In fact, research shows that Australia is one of the countries that have the highest number of people consuming cannabis. Why? A lot of people are consuming cannabis products unknowingly. So, even if you confront some people in Australia and tell them how much they have consumed marijuana, they may deny it. 

There’s a fact about medical cannabis that is known globally. People believe that this plant should be kept in isolation. And even if one tries to explain the good side of cannabis to them, it is still not a matter that can stay at the center of a discussion. 

Is medical cannabis legal in Australia?

There’s no perfect answer to this question. Studies show that people can use cannabis in Australia if they have a critical medical condition that warrants the use of marijuana. So, before taking cannabis in Australia, you must have a doctor’s backup. If you see anyone in Australia trying to get a pill that contains marijuana, such a person must show the doctor’s report that shows the drug will be used for a health condition. 

Australians take medical cannabis

So, if one says yes to the question above, one is not wrong. And if what one can say about this question is No, then no one can blame you. Studies also show that only one cannabis product is legal in Australia. The product is nabiximols. Nabiximols are used to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis.

However, the only means to use other cannabis products is if a doctor prescribes it. But I notice one thing in Australia. Despite the solid regulatory bodies that guide the use of cannabis, Australians are still part of the people that are consuming marijuana the most. Then, why? That is what I want to share with you. 

But before I proceed, it would be nice to talk about the meaning of medical cannabis. That will at least serve as a piece of background knowledge. Are you ready for the ride? Let’s ride!

What is medical cannabis?

Cannabis itself is a medical plant that can be used to treat some medical conditions. It has a seed called Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis contains two major components that make it fit for medical conditions. So, those components are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. And, of course, tetrahydrocannabinol is the one that makes people feel elated or high. 

Hence, medical cannabis can be defined as medical marijuana used to treat medical conditions. There are several medical conditions that one can cure or treat with cannabis. For instance, cannabis is a perfect plant to relieve people from chronic pain and anxiety. Also, if you’re depressed and you find it so hard to sleep, medical cannabis can be of help. Research also shows that cannabis can be used to treat loss of appetite. 

cannabis is a perfect plant

If you suddenly lose your appetite, you can take a pill of a product can contain medical cannabis, and your urge for food will increase. In fact, do you know that cannabis can be used to solve some types of epilepsy? Of course, it can. You can read more about Improving the Taste of CBD Oil by Adding Flavor by visiting

However, despite all the good things we’ve discussed, marijuana is not an avenue for you to start looking for marijuana or medical cannabis. It is essential to note that the instruction to use cannabis should come from medical personnel. That is why some countries restrict medical cannabis.

Why do people consume too much marijuana in Australia?

One needs to do thorough research before establishing any point to be a fact here. So, I am not saying what I don’t know. A lot of work was done before I got why people cannot stop consuming marijuana or products that contain marijuana in Australia. Therefore, here are reasons why people cannot do without marijuana in Australia;

people consume too much marijuana
  • A lot of people are battling depression.

In Australia, there are countless people battling depression. Of course, several factors can lead to depression. So, people indeed have different situations that cause depression for them. Having established this fact, people have started seeing using marijuana as a way of overcoming depression. Why? If you take too much marijuana, you will likely forget your worries and have extra energy to do things you could not do initially. Of course, that is if it reacted very well in your body system. And other people will spend time feeling relaxed, and there’ll be no chance to think about things that make them depressed. So this is one of the reasons why people cannot stop embracing marijuana in Australia. 

A lot of people are battling depression.
  • Anxiety

When anxiety sets in, one will be confused. And I hope you will agree with me that anxiety, at times, can lead to depression. Generally, anxiety is a simple thing that can drive one away if one is not intense from within. So, people start looking for a way out. People want to stay safe and let go of every worry. Hence, taking marijuana is one of the easiest ways for them. Remember, studies show that medical marijuana can help relieve anxiety. So, even if the government will not allow people in Australia to use marijuana legally, they will look for a way to get it. And you know what I mean? Do you know people in Australia who get marijuana from other countries? That’s a topic for another day. Click here to read about CBD Oil Benefits & Side Effects.

  • People see marijuana as a source of inspiration.

This is not affecting the Australians alone. I can say it’s a problem for the world at large. Nowadays, people believe marijuana is one of the unique plants that can help them go the extra mile. Can you imagine an artist flaunting marijuana online and he believes marijuana is a source of getting inspiration? Isn’t that strange? Things are going wrong in the world these days. 

On a final note

Dear reader, I believe you can say much about why Australians cannot stop using or taking marijuana. Finally, I am ready to answer questions you have about this topic. Please kindly share your question with me.