Your CPAP machine can continue working at a top performance level if you are ready to adhere to rules and regulations of adequate performance. A good night rest should be your top priority. So, you need to take it more serious by practicing regular cleaning routine to keep your CPAP machine functioning properly. 

Basically, CPAP machine is meant to give you a good sleep whether at night or during the day. How pathetic would it if the same cpap machine cannot not give you the best result due to your negligence of maintenance principles? You’d better do all you can to save your machine and your sleep at the same time.

When your CPAP machine lacks adequate and regular cleaning, it may cause an unwanted growth of bacteria, moil exposure, and allergy symptoms which would eventually lead to breakdown of the equipment. To keep your device and all the associated accessories clean and active, here are the best maintenance tips as recommended by CPAP experts.

Best 10 Maintenance Tips for CPAP Machines 

1. Set a specific time

Generally, your goal is just a wish if it is not time bound. In other words, you can only get the best out of your CPAP machine if you commit yourself to a routine cleaning exercise scheduled for a specific time. Research shows that most people are more active to using a device and careless about maintenance and that’s why most devices get damaged before the manufacturer’s projected time. 

When it comes to cleaning, you need to get practical. You can set a reminder to clean your machine perhaps every morning or evening before use. Whether you prefer to do the cleaning in the morning or you prefer later in the day, make sure you do it everyday and thoroughly. Your mask will require a more thorough washing as it collects oils in excess that can reduce its performance and quality. 

2. Follow your schedule strictly

After you have set a specific time, the next line in action is to make it a point to do the cleaning when the set time comes. So, make sure you are consistent with your cleaning schedules and don’t permit any excuse to deter you from missing a date. Clean your mask water chamber and tubing on a regular schedule. If doing all that daily can make be too much for you, try three or two times a week.

Best 10 Pro Maintenance Tips to Keep Your CPAP Machine Clean and Working Perfectly

3. Get the right cleaning kits

If you want to get the best out of your cleaning efforts, you must ensure you get all the cleaning equipment necessary to get the job done perfectly. For excellent result, you will need the following:

  • Warm water
  • Small sink or tub
  • Soft cloth or towel 
  • Dish soap 

4. Don’t use harsh chemicals or self-prescribed solution 

Remember that your CPAP machine is your life-support machine. Hence, you must avoid using any substance that can harm its quality or functionality. Harsh cleaning solutions such as chlorine, bleach, ammonia and other untrusted self-prescribed substances can harm your CPAP machine and degrade its performance level. 

Harmful cleaning substances can cause irritation in your lungs and cause severe health complications. There’s no need to be looking for substandard cleaning solutions when you can simply get the best ones in the market at affordable prices. You may ask your machine supplier to direct you to a credible distributor of disinfecting supplies.

5. Get a CPAP machine cleaner

Not everyone can have the time to do the regular cleaning as at when the reminder instructs. If you also identify with that category of people, getting a CPAP machine cleaner is your best bet. This device helps you do the job while you focus ion other things that benefits your life.  that means you can keep your machine clean, free of germs and functioning at the top level without getting your hands dirty. 

There are several options for this machine cleaner in the market. You can invest on the automated cleaners to help you disinfect your mask, tubing, water chamber and other part of the machine without removing any part. 

Best 10 Pro Maintenance Tips to Keep Your CPAP Machine Clean and Working Perfectly

6. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction

The manufacturer know the machine better, so, it is ideal to follow their recommendations. Although, that is not limited to cleaning. Before your first cleaning efforts, make sure you first read the manual in the packing box to get appropriate guide. Here is a typical advice of CPAP machine manufacturer:

  • Unplug your machine and dissemble all the parts. Dissemble the mask properly into cushion, headgear, and frame. Then, unplug the hose and air tubing. Disconnect the humidifier tub to remove the filter. 
  • Clean the dissembled parts of the machine in a sink or tub using mild soap, clean warm water. And a soft cloth.
  • Rinse the machine parts with warm water.

7. Give time for drying 

Don’t be tempted to couple the parts of the machine before it completely dries. Else, your machine will develop mold. That’s is why is it not ideal to wash CPAP machine a few minutes efore use. A better advice is to clean it in the morning and leave it until you return at night before coupling for use. If you must use it shortly after use, try to expose each part of the machine to a warm environment and use dry towel to remove hidden water.

8. Avoid sun drying    

In the attempt to dry your machine quickly, be careful not to expose any part to direct sunlight to avoid damaging your machine.

9. Couple your machine properly

When your machine gets dry, make sure you carefully fix each part into the right place when reassembling it. Any error at this juncture can cause the device to malfunction. When you are done coupling the parts, turn on the machine to see if there are leaks anywhere.

10. Replace any faulty part immediately 

One big mistake people make is that they allow a faulty part to work for a long time before replacing it with a new one. That act is against the rules and regulations of proper maintenance. Make effort to replace the faulty part instantly to avoid further damages.


It is always ideal to check your CPAP machine to discover if there is any faulty part and make the necessary changes immediately. Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life span of your device. The above maintenance tips will help keep your machine at its best form giving you the expected result every time of use. 

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