You may need an artificial intraocular lens implant if you’ve seen signs like blurry vision, distance vision, and other vision problems. Cloudy vision might cause unpleasant visual outcomes like the inability to read and reacting negatively to bright lights. Blurred vision is not a good sign. 

However, I noticed some people are scared of undergoing cataract surgery. So then, I began thinking about why some people are afraid to undergo cataract surgery. Then, I thought about making some facts about this procedure known to you.

Have you heard about cataract surgery? Have you been diagnosed with cataracts, and your doctor says you must undergo cataract surgery? There’s no cause for alarm. In this article, I will discuss some facts about this surgery.

Therefore, please pay attention and follow me closely. It is sensible to remember that cataract surgery is the only perfect way to restore your sight once you are diagnosed with a cataract. Honestly, there’s no other perfect way. Learn more about how to know you a good candidate for cataract surgery.

Hence, don’t be tricked by some information online. Instead, it would be nice to create a piece of background knowledge. So, I will discuss the meaning of cataracts and what cataract surgery entails. Then, we will proceed to facts about this procedure. Are you ready for the ride?

What is a cataract?

When you start seeing some difficulties in your eyes, you need to rise and do the needful. For example, the signs you will know if you’re battling cataracts are glare of light and trouble seeing at night. Not only that, if you have astigmatism, you may be fighting cataracts.

How about the inability to read? Yes! If you can’t read, there may be cataracts in your eyes. Hence, a cataract occurs when there is an issue in the cloudy zone of the eye lens. This eye problem starts when the protein in the eye gathers clumps.

And once the eye gathers clumps, the lens cannot send or transfer clear images to the retina. And that is when one’s vision becomes blurry, and one might find it hard to see and read.

One may be battling a cataract, and one will not know. How is that possible? A cataract does not happen suddenly. It always occurs gradually. That is why it is essential to pay attention to one’s eye. If you notice something is wrong, please visit your eye doctor.

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is the best way to treat cataracts. There’s no other way to overcome cataracts except through cataract surgery. Hence, cataract surgery is the process that involves cutting and breaking the damaged natural lens. The laser-assisted cataract surgery process may involve few or no stitches.

After breaking the damaged natural lens, the process also involves removing and replacing the faulty natural lens with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is a process that a professional ophthalmologist carries out.

Please note that natural lenses cannot be repaired. Once it is faulty, it can only be replaced by an artificial lens. So stay calm about the recovery period. The operated eye will function after a few weeks. 

Tips on how to prepare for cataract surgery

Once it is crystal clear that you will undergo cataract surgery, then you should start preparing. Please bear in mind that there are things you need to do and abstain from before and after cataract surgery. For example, your doctor might instruct you to use an eye shield before cataract surgery to prevent infection.

For instance, you need to avoid alcohol if you want the cataract surgery to be successful. Therefore, if you’re addicted to alcohol, you need to control yourself. Furthermore, your doctor might instruct you to use some eye drops before and after the cataract surgery.

Please ensure you use those medications. Also, please get ready to undergo a series of medical tests. Some medical tests will be carried out on you to know the state or condition of your eyes. That is part of the preparation tips.

And on the day of the surgery, ensure you come with someone that can drive you home. Why? The process won’t take your time, and you’ll be unable to drive yourself home that day. In addition, please bear in mind that you must not eat before cataract surgery.

 Some tests will be carried out on you to know the right artificial lens that’ll suit you. There are several artificial lenses. So, the eye doctor will examine you to detect the best artificial lens that’ll work for you.

What happens during cataract surgery?

During cataract surgery, most patients will stay awake. Cataract surgery is not like other surgery where patients must not stay awake. Secondly, the ophthalmologist will numb your eye. Finally, your doctor will give you medicine to prevent you from feeling pain during the small incision.

Furthermore, you will be given a sedative. The sedative will make you feel relaxed. The first step is to create a tiny cut in front of your eye. Don’t be scared. Then, the ophthalmologist will use a small tool to break the damaged natural lens.

Then, he (the ophthalmologist) will carefully bring out the broken natural lens. So, after the process is done carefully, the next step is to insert the artificial lens. The artificial intraocular lens is made of plastic. And some artificial lenses are made of silicone. Hence, the process will only take a few minutes.

Risks in cataract surgery

Complications like infections and bleeding may occur during and after the surgery. And this always happens if an inexperienced ophthalmologist handles the cataract surgery. 

Also, serious complications can occur if the patients fail to follow instructions. On the other hand, lens replacement surgery is not risky if you follow the instructions. 

That is why getting a competent cataract surgeon to handle your eye is essential. Unfortunately, swelling is also one of the risks of cataract surgery. But all the risks are avoidable. 

How one may feel after the surgery

After cataract surgery, one may feel sore in one’s eye. Hence, if you feel sore after the process, there’s no cause for alarm. But if you notice you have been feeling sore for some days, please try and see your doctor.

Hence, it is essential to follow the instructions given to you. That’s the only way to make things work. Then, you also need to converse with your doctor. Finally, you need to tell your doctor how you are feeling. 

Also, you don’t need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. And if you need to use eye drops and another protective shield after the surgical procedures, your surgeon will tell you. 

An eye surgeon will tell you all these even before the surgery. So, it is normal if you feel like rubbing your eyes with your hand. But you must not do it.

On a final note

Dear reader, cataract surgery is a simple process. The replacement lens can work perfectly like the natural lens. However, your normal vision is tampered with when cataract forms in the lens of your eye. So, go to your eye doctor’s office for instruction. 

You might undergo manual cataract surgery or phacoemulsification cataract surgery. Yes! The new artificial lens or the replacement lens will solve vision problems from cataracts. 

It might sound strange to you. However, people that have undergone this procedure can tell you how effective it is. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm.

Finally, your opinion counts. Hence, please share your thoughts on this topic with me. Thanks for reading!  

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