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Colin Laughlin: Founder

B.S. Exercise science, CSCS, USAW1, EIM1

Colin’s career in the fitness industry began in 2015 after graduating from North Central College with his degree in exercise science. Throughout his college years Colin worked as an aide for a physical therapy clinic. This heavily influenced his exercise programming and philosophies on exercise.

“I always played sports and found myself going to physical therapy at an early age, that is where I discovered my initial drive to help people live healthier lives. Eventually I was able to blend the worlds of personal training and physically therapy to create a unique exercise experience for my clients.”

— Colin

Colin is no stranger to the struggles of living a healthy life. After his freshman year of college he weighed over 200 pounds and fell into the overweight category on the BMI scale. Over the course of the following year he had gotten down to 155 and has finally settled into a comfortable weight at 175.

This up and down of Colin’s own health has given him a greater appreciation for others and their current situations. The process is not easy and it is not a linear journey, there will be ups and downs. Colin wants to be the one to pull you out of those downs and push you higher on the ups.