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Tyler Morrison: University of Texas Medical Branch

Going from recreation gym, to military, to training in a hospital. Pretty interesting evolution in fitness education, and that is exactly what my guest Tyler Morrison did.

Tyler is an exercise physiologist with the University of Texas Medical Branch, collaborating with physical therapists and athletic trainers daily for late stage rehab progressions, rehabbing various orthopedic conditions, and return to sport protocols.

Not to mention he is also an adjunct Kinesiology and Anatomy & Physiology instructor at Galveston College.  Participating in several case studies regarding the Alter G anti gravity treadmill, exercise prescription, and working on one currently with Total knee replacements on diabetic patients.

Certified through the ACSM and NSCA, masters degree with an emphasis in Strength & Conditioning, and seeking out doctoral programs in Kinesiology.

Tyler has worn a ton of hats in the industry and is extremely knowledgable and down to earth.

Great guy to learn from.