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Should You Do A Detox?

Heading into the holiday season detoxes are about to be all the rage in the health and wellness space. But is it worth investing in?

Detox can be a pretty powerful buzz word in the fitness industry, which should already make you hesitant. If all I need to do is say that something will detoxify and you pull out your wallet, you should probably take a minute, or 16, and listen to this podcast episode.

What exactly is a detox?

It usually boils down to a short term elimination style diet. Resulting in you consuming fruits, veggies, and water over a 2-4 week period. There are hundreds of detoxes out there so this information could be different depending on the detox you research. Some detoxes may require additional supplementation (I would avoid these, I’ll explain later)

The Benefits

There are definitely some benefits to doing a detox

  • They can help you identify food sensitivities
  • They can reduce your intake of not so good foods (refined sugars, alcohol, and so on)
  • They encourage you to increase your water intake
  • They could provide some placebo benefit (who cares if the benefit is actually from the detox or from your brain tricking your body, as long as you are getting benefit)
  • And they give you a better understanding of what you are actually consuming

These are some killer benefits and you can’t deny that they are a good thing. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows with detoxes, there are some misconceptions.

The misconceptions

  • Detoxes do not cause you to start oozing toxins out of your pours
  • Detoxes don’t even eliminate toxins that are already in the body
  • If a detox is used to counteract an unhealthy weekend, it is pointless
  • Unless the detox promotes long term change it is a waste of money

The truth is, if you have a healthy functioning liver and kidneys you are already detoxifying anything that you put in your body. That is one of the jobs of those organs. There are no studies showing that detox supplementation actually detoxifies anything for you. This is why if the detox protocol encourages supplementation I would steer clear.

Final thoughts

I have personally done a detox in the past. It helped me find my food sensitivity to dairy and helped clear up skin irritation that I had for the past 4 years. Ultimately, I was very happy with my decision to do a detox because it provided me with significant long term benefit. I am a proponent for detoxing if…

  1. You are mindful of what is happening to your body
  2. You do not need to do extra supplements for it to “work”
  3. If it provides you long term benefit

Have a great day 🙂