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corporate wellness

A company is only as healthy as its employees.

Benefits of the qualitylife fitness (qlf) wellness program

Healthier Employees– Healthier employees make better employees. QLF provides exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification to help each employee move toward a healthier and higher quality of life

Reduced Medical Costs– Sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for coronary artery disease. The QLF program is designed to meet the weekly recommended exercise requirements for healthy adults. Exercise and nutritional interventions are an essential component to treating many chronic diseases (Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and more)

Increased Employee Productivity– Chronic health conditions account for a large portion of absenteeism in the work place. Pain and physical discomfort act as major distractions throughout the work day. Improved mobility and decreased pain are associated with well designed exercise programs.

Improved Mental Health– Exercise and nutritional changes have been strongly linked to improved outcomes in depression, stress, and anxiety.

Camaraderie Among Employees– The QLF program provides employees with another way connect and develop relationships. This is even more important when moving to a more virtual workplace.

Attract & Retain Employees– A comprehensive wellness program is not just a luxury, it is increasingly becoming a requirement of strong employees.

Components of the qlf wellness program

Virtual Group Training

Keep your employees engaged, connected, and communicating with virtual group fitness classes. QLF provides fun and engaging workouts designed to improve strength and mobility. All levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Virtual Individual Training

Virtual individual coaching is ideal for those in need of more one-on-one attention for their exercise program. Individual sessions are great for working around injuries, medication considerations, and novice exercisers. One-on-one exercise allows for more flexibility in the exercise program as well as utilization of other equipment and household items not used in group training. 

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

No wellness program is complete without a nutrition component. All nutrition coaching participants will receive a customized nutrition packet as well as go through a goal setting session in their first meeting. Subsequent meetings are highly individualized based on goals, needs, and previous activities. 

Fitness & Health Risk Assessments

The definition of a successful wellness program is different for each individual participant. QLF allows your employees to track their health and fitness through a variety of assessments. This also allows employers to track the effectiveness of the QLF program.

Private Facebook Group

Becoming a corporate member will grant all employees access to a private Facebook group. This is a great resource for encouragement, accountability, support, and education.

Live Q&A's

Each week employees will have the option to join a virtual meeting for a Q&A session with QLF. Get your questions answered and learn more about health and wellness.

Colin makes everything so easy for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a “zoom trainer” but he has been so great . He is a great communicator.  I ask a lot of questions when it comes to what part of the body a certain exercise works and he never has a problem explaining. He even helped me incorporate a well balanced diet to improve my results. I can’t recommend his services enough! – Alex O, Oasis Financial Wellness Program Participant

Wellness Package


Per Month
  • 1 live strength training class per week
  • 1 live yoga class per week
  • Equipment for participants
  • Access to QLF app
  • 15 preloaded workouts
  • Monthly wellness challenges with prizes
  • Monthly wellness webinar series
  • Weekly email content
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Health assessments, data tracking, and reporting
  • 6 month membership
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