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Investing in health prevention now can save you thousands in health treatment down the road.

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We understand and value face-to-face interaction… As an online training company we feel it is important for you to see our faces and for us to see yours! You will see us during consultations, video demonstrations, webinars, and any time you need 🙂

In-person training has many benefits. Fortunately for you we have taken all of those benefits and moved them online! You will have all the support you could dream of the minute you become a member of the QLF family. From initial consultation through completion of your goals we will be with you every step of the way.

We understand the fitness journey you are on. Don’t do it alone. Let us be the friend by your side every step of the way.

“Colin is your trainer when pulling together your fitness plan. His instruction online is well thought out and his demonstrations display proper form while providing a complete fitness regiment that works with busy schedules. Colin is a friend, confidante, and trainer! He knows how to connect with clients on a personal level, and develops fitness plans that reflect your preferences. He’s a great trainer and a lot of fun to be around. ”

— Nancy M

All packages include…

Free Consultation

Before working together we want to make sure we truly understand who you are as a person and where you are headed. This is a great time for you to learn more about us and make sure we are the right people to help you move toward a higher quality life. We recommend consultations be done via video chat but we also do consultations over the phone.

Personalized Exercise Programming

Your exercise program should be as unique as you are. No cookie cutter programs here. EVERY SINGLE workout is designed around your specific needs and goals. We put the personal back in personal training.

Nutrition Coaching

Meet over video chat or phone call for nutritional coaching sessions to maximize the hard work you put in at the gym. “You can’t outwork a bad diet”. We believe in a sustainable approach, no crash dieting here.

Unlimited Access To Our Mobility Library

Feeling stiff? Check out our mobility library to find stretches to meet your needs. Stretching exercises are neatly organized based on the area of the body they are designed for.

Access To Exclusive Webinars

As a QLF member we want you to be as educated on your health and wellness as possible. You’ll get access to exclusive webinars for everything health and wellness related. Learn from various presenters in various industries.

Member Only Facebook Group

We believe in the power of community, even virtually. You’ll join this group of amazing humans to share, support, and grow as a team.

Is this for me?

You should absolutely be asking yourself this question. QualityLife Fitness is not for everyone. We are not setting out to create the next American Ninja Warrior or CrossFit champion. Our priority is to help people looking to exercise as a means of treatment and prevention of chronic health conditions. If your answer to the following questions is yes, then look no further, you have found your fitness home.

  • Do you have concerns about your long term health?
  • Do you have a ‘why’ for living a healthier life?
  • Are you mentally ready to make the changes necessary to live a higher quality life?

Answering no to any of these questions does not exclude you from becoming a QLF member. We want you to know in your heart that this is the right place for you.

What’s Next?

First. Let’s chat. We want to learn more about you. We will discuss your goals, health history, exercise history, and so much more. Conversations typically last 30-45 minutes.

Second. We will get you all set up with your TrueCoach account. This is the software we use to provide you with your personalized workout program. You will have your own account where you will be able to track progress, see previous workouts, and get video demonstrations to the exercises in your plan.

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You’re ready for this.  You’ve been waiting your entire life.

Live Virtual Training Plan


Per Session

Best for those that want a fitness professional with them during the session

  • One-on-one coaching via FaceTime or Zoom
  • Custom designed workouts every session
  • Real time feedback and adjustments
  • Accountability
  • Video analysis of exercises
  • Access to all videos & webinars
  • Unlimited updates & support
  • QLF Facebook group
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Just The Workouts Plan


Per Session

Best for those with previous exercise experience

  • Custom designed workouts
  • Do workouts any time and anywhere
  • In-app messaging
  • Video analysis of exercises
  • Access to all videos & webinars
  • Unlimited updates & support
  • QLF Facebook group
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Nutrition Coaching Plan


Per Session

Maximize your training with appropriate nutrition

  • A detailed look into your current nutrition
  • Step-by-step nutritional changes
  • Unlimited check-ins
  • Nutrition label analysis
  • Access to all videos & webinars
  • Unlimited updates & support
  • QLF Facebook group
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What if I don't have any equipment?

No equipment? No problem! While more equipment can give us more variety it is not a requirement to begin training with us.

We work with whatever you’ve got 🙂

Do I need to have previous exercise experience before working with you?

Not at all! With no prior exercise experience we do recommend using our live video training option so we can watch your technique and get a feel for your fitness level.

Can I switch my training plan?

Yep. We will just finish the month with your current plan and then switch you over to the plan of your choice for the following month.

Are there long term contracts?

No. Everything is monthly.

What if I need to stop training?

All we need is 2 weeks notice.