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QualityLife Fitness Goes Corporate


QualityLife Fitness now offers a virtual corporate wellness program. In this episode learn about all the components to this robust wellness program.

A company’s most valuable resource is its employees and now, more than ever, is the time to invest in the health and wellness of those employees. A well run wellness program will save money on health care, improve the quality of life of employees, and attract top talent in your industry.

-60% of Americans are currently living with at least one chronic health condition- CDC
-“In 2019, 84% of large employers (200 or more workers) offering health benefits offered a workplace wellness program, such as those to help people lose weight, stop smoking, or provide lifestyle and behavioral coaching”- Kaiser Family Foundation
-Every $1.00 invested in a disease management program brings a return of $3.80- RAND Study

At QualityLife Fitness we have never believed in a one size fits all approach. We understand that in a company with hundreds of employees not everyone will want the same thing out of a wellness program. This is why we offer many different services to benefit the maximum amount of people.

Components of the QLF corporate wellness program:
– Group & Individual fitness classes
– Group & Individual nutrition coaching
– Monthly health & wellness challenges
– Monthly educational webinars
– Weekly email content
– Access to private facebook group with live Q&A’s every week

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