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People absolutely love it…

“I have been very happy with Colin’s online workouts. I had been floundering on my own, and this is what I needed to stay fit and stick with my resistance training. Colin is very knowledgeable and accessible and the app is great. Best of all, he really cares. Highly recommend!”

— Meg M

“I love working out with Colin and have been able to lose weight, gain strength and lose several clothes sizes. He is very professional, caring and dedicated to my success. His workouts are varied and tailored to me personally and are always challenging but fun. He is very knowledgeable about how each exercise affects the muscle groups. Colin has been the best personal trainer I have ever worked with!”

— Wendy M

“I have a long history of medical challenges. Colin has always been very supportive of me and when I call him and say “my back is killing me, could you please plan a workout that will strengthen and stretch out my back tomorrow”, Colin is on it. I walked out of our session feeling like liquid. Another time, I said “Colin, my doctor wants me to do hand strengthening exercises”. Colin gives me four exercises off the top of his head. Colin is very knowledgeable in fitness as well as having a good background in physical therapy exercises. And, Colin is great to be around. Very compassionate about what he does and it shows through our interactions and workouts. Colin has helped me build muscle and feel more confident. Colin has helped me build muscle, feel more confident. I would highly recommend Colin for all your fitness needs!”

— Maria B