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Limber Up

Why does mobility matter?

This is truly what allows you to feel comfortable in your body. Tension in the muscles surrounding your joints can cause pain and discomfort. Stretching and mobility work can help ease the tension in your muscles to allow for less restriction through your joints.

When you have more mobility in your joints you will…

  1. Have less aches and pains
  2. Move easier
  3. Decrease your risk of injury
  4. Improved posture

our mobility formula

Not all stretching is the same. There is a formula we use to help improve your mobility. Here it is.

Dynamic stretch + full range of motion workout + static stretch = improved mobility.

Dynamic stretching is the utilization of large movements to warm up the body and take the joints through greater ranges of motion. Ultimately with this type of stretching we are preparing your body for the resistance training to follow.

Full range of motion workouts help to open up your joints and allow you to move with less restriction over time.

Static stretching is how we finish out workouts. This is the sit and hold type of stretching. This is at the end because it helps your muscles relax and can aide in reducing muscle soreness.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about how we can improve your mobility send an email over to colin@qualitylifefit.com.