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Kathryn Bojchuk & Alicia Brust: How To Begin Practicing Yoga Right Now

Every form of fitness has some barrier to entry. Yoga is no exception. You may think yoga is only for flexible people, or your joints can’t handle it, or you’re to strong for yoga. Any number of reasons not to do yoga will come out.

I can say from first hand experience I was the one that thought yoga was a joke the first time I tried it. I was in the back goofing off and about 5 minutes in I was dripping sweat and my shoulders were on fire.

Ever since that moment I have been an advocate for yoga.

I am happy to have Kathryn Bojchuk and Alicia Brust on the show today to talk about the benefits of yoga regardless of your skill level.

Together Kathryn and Alicia have over 11 years of experience and even facilitate new yoga teacher trainings. Through education, experience teaching, and experience doing, these ladies have so much wisdom to share on yoga and overall quality of life.

In the episode we discuss…

  • The benefits of yoga
  • How to manage a yoga class with people at different skill levels
  • How to practice yoga if you have joint issues
  • Creating a yoga space at home
  • And their online yoga practice

If you have ever thought about doing yoga or have done it in the past you are sure to get some nuggets of wisdom from these incredible ladies!

Enjoy 🙂

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