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Get Strong

What is strength training?

This is a very important question to answer before we go any further because strength training to you might mean something very different than it does to your neighbor.

Strength training can be summed up as movement against resistance. This resistance can be a dumbbell, kettlebell, resistance bands, even body weight. You already have all the tools necessary to begin a strength training program, now all you need is the proper guidance.

The benefits of strength training

Why should you be strength training? There are countless benefits to strength training but let’s keep it simple and just give you the top six.

  1. INCREASED STRENGTH: Obvious, we know. But as we age we begin to lose muscle, this is known as sarcopenia. We want to keep you as strong as possible for as long as possible.
  2. IMPROVED JOINT HEALTH: Strength training will work to expand the range of motion in your joints, help you lose weight, and strength the muscles surrounding compromised joints. All of which aide in improved joint health.
  3. IMPROVED KINESTETIC AWARENESS: Sounds fancy but all it means is that you’ll have better body awareness. Strength training requires multiple joints to work in unison to produce one smooth motion.
  4. FIGHTS OSTEOPOROSIS AND OSTEOPENIA: There are many factors that go into bone health and exercise is one of them. Strength training with weights can help stimulate cells to the bones to rebuild them. Body weight exercises ask the tendons to move and pull the bones also resulting in improved bone health.
  5. IMPROVED PSYCHOSOCIAL WELL-BEING: The mental health benefits of exercise have been well documented. Exercise has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and more.
  6. FACILITATES THE UPTAKE OF GLUCOSE INTO MUSCLES: Another fancy one. This helps with blood sugar levels by taking sugar out of the bloodstream and using it to fuel your muscles. This is good for everyone, especially diabetics.

Have more questions?

There are even more benefits that we didn’t get to cover. If you would like to learn more contact us at colin@qualitylifefit.com.